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Get Relief from Your Tax Problems For Good!

When the IRS is after you it can feel overwhelming. They have an army of agents and will stop at nothing to collect what they’re owed. When you work with a IRS tax law firm like us to fight on your behalf, you finally have someone on your side. Let us help you finally experience the relief and freedom that comes with solving your tax problems once and for all!

Finally Remove Your Back Tax Debts

Stop worrying about the tax debt looming over your head. Our tax lawyers can help you reduce your tax debt by 25-40% on average for most of our clients. About 1 in 3 will actually qualify to legally avoid paying up to 97% of their tax debts through special IRS programs. If you’ve neglected to file your taxes for a few years and need some help, we are here to help. 

Have Bank Levies Removed within 24-48 Hours

When the IRS places a Levy on your bank account, it can feel crippling. They will stop at nothing to get the money they are owed. We can put a stop to this right away. Our team of tax lawyers and accountants can get bank levies removed within 24-48 hours. You can have immediate access to your money again, and not have to worry about the IRS coming around and taking it again. 


Finally Get Relief from the IRS Harassment - Once and For All!

Welcome to Flex Tax Lawyers – a BBB A+ Rated tax law firm that serves the entire country.

We are proud to help everyday Americans all across the country finally get out from under their tax debt problems, once and for all!

Firm of Professionals with Hundreds of Years of Experience

Our tax law firm is comprised of tax lawyers, accountants (CPAs), federally enrolled agents and tax professionals. Combined we have hundreds of years experience dealing with taxes and tax debts in all shapes and sizes.

We’ve processed tens of thousands of cases and tax returns, and have settled over $500,000,000 in back tax debts.

Battling the IRS on Your Behalf

We know how overwhelming battling the IRS can be. That’s why we strive to be a trusted ally every single day. We want to have your back at every step along the way, so you know that you have someone in your corner, and the world is not against you.

Removing Wage Garnishments, Liens and Levies within 24-48 Hours

One of the most aggravating things that can happen if you haven’t filed your taxes for a few years is when the IRS slaps a lien on your property, or a levy / garnishment on your paycheck and bank accounts. It feels like they’re just coming in and stealing money straight from you, and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Our team of experts can help you get any one of those lifted within 24-48 hours, so you can go back to living your life.

Proudly Serving Hardworking Everyday Americans

We know that life can be hard, and sometimes filing your taxes are not right at the top of your mind. It’s easy to get behind on them, and when you do, it can feel overwhelming, and like you’ll never get back ahead.

It doesn’t mean you’re dishonest or lazy at all. It just means you made a mistake and fell behind a bit.

We are proud to have helped tens of thousands of Americans get back on their feet again when it comes to their tax filings. We’d be happy to help you too.

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